Welcome to the Port-au-Prince FIR

Port-au-Prince FIR is a Member of VATCAR (VATSIM Caribbean) and VATSIM (Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network).
Our goal is to provide Air Traffic Services to VATSIM Pilots that is professional and realistic but easily understood on all skill levels.

Port-au-Prince FIR offers challenging approaches, high terrain including vast hills and Mountains surrounding our Airports.

We are a non-radar service under normal operations, Radio Communication is key.
All Pressure readings are done in QNH and not Altimeter.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact a member of Staff

Again, Welcome to the Port-au-Prince FIR


-- Official Flight Information Region (FIR) of VATCAR


Port-Au-Prince News

 Good Evening,

Looking over the December AIRAC cycle, below are the list of changes we have made to our FIR Controller Staffing Positions;


MTPP - Toussaint louverture Intl Airport: The Ground posiition was removed from the field. We will no longer accept Student 1 Rated Controllers due to no real world ground positions at any of our fields

MTJA - Jacmel Airport: Airport has been classified as a VFR only field with a control tower that we cannot verify if operational or not. we have decided to pull the field out of our official controller positions. ATC services will still continue via VATSIMs Top Down policy. All ATC services in and out of Jacmel will be with Port-Au-Prince Control on 124.500